Saturday, March 5, 2011

low energy week.

It's rare in this household, but last week was mainly low energy.

This is due to Jacob getting sick on Monday evening and running a 102+ fever for the first time ever....then continued to be feverish for the next 48 hours. With a tight chest and runny nose, he saw the Dr and was told he's got bronchitis. So continued a low energy week with breathing treatments and lots of warm baths.

(And no school...but fortunately uncle Josh and Aunt Emily came into town late Wednesday and Jacob has had no short supply of sweet fun).
(Pictures of Emily to come!)

Warm baths even for Thomas, as seen below.
Tomorrow, Thomas is getting baptized- by his Daddy! Though he seems to have caught his first cold (so trying to not over-react that he'll get as bad as Jacob did), he'll be precious and pictures will come!


Anonymous said...

if i were there, i'd be on the floor with geekob and josh. just like that.

Grayson said...

I second that emotion.

Grandparents Chell said...

Hope both adorable babes are on the way to full recovery, what with both getting bronchitis and needing breathing treatments and TLC. We send our love to you all. Wish we could extend the night hours so that you could get some sleep, A & D. Hang in there, sweeties!