Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crawling and other fun things

We visited the little farm nearby to feed and meet some animals. Jacob enjoyed conquering the playground and feeding every species of animal.

Thomas enjoyed gnawing on celery and watching Jacob feed the animals.
He did NOT like the rooster crowing. Everytime we went into the barn and heard that thing, Thomas cried!

Friday, August 26, 2011


We made it.
One car plus one full van concludes what we brought from Phoenix (several furniture items stayed here last year). The first week here was truly recovering and establishing that this is 'home' for all of us....and especially trying to reign in a confused, excited, and exhausted 3 year old.
We've completed the necessary Ikea trip for Jacob's birthday present / bunk bed (though he can only play and 'nap' on top during the day until he gets bigger...the guidelines recommended 6...we'll see).
We've visited the aquarium (in the Green Pond tie-dye-this was his excited dance)!
the Oakland zoo (a time-tested favorite), and gone to the marina.
With the dramatic climate change, there was a necessary visit to the children's ER for Thomas and his impressive wheezing. Fortunately, after an hour long breathing treatment (like crack for the kid) followed by one more small hit of medicine, we were allowed to bring him back home..

And we discovered that he weighs 24 pounds at 8 months. Explains why 18m clothes fit him so well...!
Speaking of Thomas, he's broken 2 teeth since we left Phoenix and has finally shown true interest in crawling (as of today)! Though he still refuses foods placed in his mouth or fed from a spoon, he will eat anything he can scrounge from the carpet or generally shove into his mouth!

Thank you LA (and Fuller family)

You must be wondering how the move back to Berkeley went...
The actual drive was split in half with a stay-over at the Fuller house in Redondo beach with buddy Elgin. Jacob was thrilled about that but the 7+ hours to get to his friend, well, the face at a pit-stop says it all.
Thomas hung in there alright with naps, laughing at his brother, and driving lessons during stops.

Despite our engine light coming in on the Neon about 100miles into our trek, we made it to LA and beloved Elgin (Tripp and Alecia, too!).
Friendship meant to be?
After this and other fun things, a projected movie was enjoyed in the backyard to which Jacob fell asleep. Upon waking and patiently waiting until a 'reasonable' hour, Jacob honed his drum skills on Elgin's set.
We were all enjoying our time together....and unfortunately, took minimal photos. Jacob was sad to leave and pines for the day he is reunited with Elgin. (Don't worry, it looks as though though this fall will be bring such a reunion).
Thanks for helping minimize the boredom of a long trip, giving us a great place to stay, and hanging-out with us Fuller family!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Continued more. Part III

Overall, GP is awesome. You can beach bum cute.
Gently overcome water anxiety by jumping in 1ft of water and chasing fish.

Make a beautiful mess.
Relax in hammocks.
Hang-out with family.

And eat insane amounts of food. You may have noticed in the bear picture that there was a grill and smoker in our backyard. Be jealous. (And Thanks to all who helped!)

There are a few Minnesota wedding photos...but we've got to have something to share for the next post!

Continuation of Mass chaos: Part deux.

Who doesn't love a quick swing during a break from swimming?
Or napping in unique places?

Uncle Dana got a parachute for much kid-like silliness and joy.

Boat trip including Daddy and Aunt Emily (aka Elemy).
This picture says it all: "On a boat, in GP, with Ma. Life is good."
Jacob and Daddy had planned an adventure one morning to include light mountain biking/hiking. This guy put a damper on that:
Yet, Jacob was content with chasing a butterfly on the beach instead. Huh.

Mass chaos. Part 1.

Our lives have been truly chaotic for July into August- fortunately, mostly in the positive.
After returning from Houston for the July 4th weekend, we finished out Jacob's schooling and my work, then proceeded to fly to Green Pond the last full week of July ( all except Daniel).
These pictures are of a boat trip prior to the arrival of half the family (Uncle Dana, Aunt Grayson and Ma were the only ones there at this point).

Grayson so kindly allowed Jacob to assist...he thoroughly enjoyed being the boss.
Tomasito wanted in on the action, too.
Thomas loved the boat ride, the 1940's throw-back life preserver (which is ridiculously buoyant), and the snuggling.

But then, they were both exahusted by the end of the day.
On Thursday, we ventured down to Hershey, PA to meet up with my friend Ashley and hubs Ace. Success. Though the weather was dreary and the way home awful (involved both kids screaming at several points and an eventual stop at toys-r-us to play and regroup), the actual visit was fantastic!

There's a free tour and chocolate sample that we took advantage of..twice. Singing cows were involved and Jacob has his own adaptation of that music that goes something like "I'm a Chocolate Tasty treeeeeeat".
Lucky boy got a ball from Ashley and Ace...and wanted to throw it despite pictures.
That's better.

Part II to follow soon...when the rest of the family arrives in GP. Then, we'll move on to the mess of our apt here as we pack and leave for Berkeley on Monday Aug. 15th!

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