Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Blockbuster

Every summer I try and compile what's going on in our lives via video. Since I know I have more time at the beginning of the summer this year than I will in the second half, I finished it today.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Squishy face part 2

Back when Jacob was merely 3 days old, he had the best squishy face I'd ever seen. As it turns out, when he's completely exhausted he still manages an exceptional squishy face. Compare for yourself:

What caused such exahustion you ask? Well...
He woke up early (6:30), read nearly every single book he owns with me, played kickball with his daddy, then went to meet up with Olivia (yes Olivia in AZ!!) at Barnes and Noble to meet Curious George.

They are adorable together. Lucky for us, Olivia's family is staying in Mesa with her grandparent's until her parents new jobs and home details are hammered-out. After hugging on the big George, Olivia and family came to "jacob's" house for lunch, playing, and swimming. And they wore themselves out, thus the exceptional squishy face at the beginning of the post.
In the past few days, Jacob's done some fun stuff including going to Benihana's and watching an amazing chef chop and cook (while imitating with his own chopsticks), and eat watermelon in the nude at his own kid table outside. Does life get better? (If you're Jacob, you'd say no).

(These aren't necessarily the best watermelon eating shots...but they don't show any bits that shouldn't be shown, thus they go online.)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Discovering indoor delights

Munchkin has some OCD tendencies....while outdoors, it isn't such a distraction. Who can control nature?! However, when indoors and focused on details, Jacob has a hard time seeing the big picture. He has fallen in love with dominoes since we arrived in Phoenix- he played with them for over an hour while the "adults" played half an actual game! But, sometimes he just gets caught up in the detail of domino placement....take look:

He is also mister athletic, as mentioned in nearly every other post ever. Here, he is smashing a bouncy ball with his masterful kicks (aka "playing kickball with daddy")- and fortunately nothing has been broken yet!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To AZ to AZ, jiggity-jig

While packing for the move, Jacob got to play with Sam, go to Olivia's 2nd birthday (and play the afternoon away), and help box things his own special way.

Then we've arrived in Tempe at Jacob's Yaya and Didi's house- and we are loving the s-p-a-c-e!

Despite a stomach turningly crazy/scary first day here (think along the lines of Jacob not knowing boundaries but capable of opening doors and fitting through chihuahua sized doggie doors that lead to the unfenced pool as adults are unpacking and unaccustomed to Jacob's new freedoms....), but things have been pleasantly uneventful since that first day! (Phew)

Today Jacob got to have his first swimming lesson (thanks to his sweet grandparents) and he swam like a fish with Ms. Destiny.

He doesn't love being on his back (no shocker), but loves kicking after floating ducks and being a "monkey" climbing on the edge of the pool.

Last Friday we got to have a peek at our little nugget- we're officially 'due' December 21st. The nausea seems to be subsiding and today marks 11 weeks along.
Currently, there's slight concern with placenta previa (marginal) but apparently 9 out of 10 early cases correct by 20ish weeks. We're scheduled for another ultrasound Aug 5-until then I'm on 'pelvic rest' I'm not lifting anyhuge bundles and Jacob's getting snuggles on the ground level.
Now that we're really unpacking and have located the camera, there will be plenty more pictures, videos, and updates on our summer adventures!