Wednesday, February 29, 2012

tester post.

Seriously, anyone have ideas on how to upload pictures to allow zoom-in in viewing?!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leaping into March

So, we obviously got out of the habit of blogging back while we were in NC during the holidays.
A quick recap of February followed by a ridiculous montage of the silliest, most precious boys we love so dearly.
First, Jacob:
Hand therapy twice a week has been going wonderfully. His nerves seem to be close to reaching final growth destinations; those Dr's weren't kidding with this 6 month recovery estimation (we are right at 4 months now). He's using his left hand to climb things, turn pages, and with reminders, he'll even color for a few seconds as a lefty. Amazing progress.

Next, Thomas:
Despite catching colds here and there (or just always), we continue to avoid the ER in 2012! He may wheeze like a pro, especially after hard playing or cold weather, but he will not be slowed down or thwarted. Thomas has 2 molars coming in on top and it seems 2 on bottom will follow soon; though this would seem to some a good reason to begin weaning him, our T-mos refuses to give-up any nursing. As he continues to be sensitive to dairy (and sadly, strawberries turn him into an eczema strawberry himself), we'll just follow his lead on foods, nursing, etc.

As a side-note: Thomas continues to impress with his sly mischief. This is what happens when Mommy showers (yes, the kleenex were originally in a fluffy pile on the floor but i couldn't stand the thought of him drooling on and wasting kleenex while I went to get the camera).
With the toilet paper, he stopped only because I told him "no" from the which he stomped his pouty face to the bedroom, turned to glare at me, and cried.

And exciting news: We are all coming East for good, specifically North Carolina! Daniel has been assigned to the North Carolina synod (read 'region'); this means that sometime in the months to come, it is hopeful that Daniel will be serving as a Pastor to some ELCA church. Exciting! Then we get Jacob in a good pre-K, I get a job, and then maybe our first house...and Thomas gets a real Dr and respiratory care....getting so far ahead of myself...

And for those pictures I promised.
Roman, Jacob, and Thomas have a dinner-date picnic style.
Currently, Thomas has been fighting to shove his body into tiny places. Small laundry baskets, under beds, and in boxes. He climbed in and got stuck in this box, so naturally we grabbed the camera and took ninety pictures before helping him out. He didn't seem to mind.
Thomas experienced his first carousel (at the zoo). I think we'll just stick to the train from now on.
Pretty sure this is self-explanatory silliness.
As seen as the first picture on this post, these boys were so cute and cuddled together. Then I went and tried to get too many pictures, thus Thomas gave me this face and Jacob ignored me.
What's that Thomas? You came to the petting zoo part of the actual zoo to simply pick-up a large stick rather than touch or go near any animal? Interesting.
And finally, Thomas and a basket situation.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Despite having another TX post and a quick Phoenix stopover mention....we're gonna put up some recent pictures-not because they're shocking or incredible, but because they're super recent. And totally typical.
First, these pictures are to enhance the image of Thomas while on a farm.
While crying due to chicken crowing has stopped- and he even thought feeding them lettuce was funny- cows are another hurdle yet to get past. Especially if they "moo".
Yes, he still prefers to feed himself most.

This is to enhance the image of Thomas with the ladies...particularly Roman (9m).
Yeah, he's hot stuff. And wow, full of personality!

A technical note: anyone know how to upload pictures to a blog in a way that allow for viewers to click and zoom-in/magnify the image? It used to allow it on every picture and now it picks and chooses and I have no idea why.....