Thursday, April 25, 2013

Journey South

After Holy week, all 4 of us were itching for a chance to get refreshed following the eventful season of Lent and Easter. We loaded up and headed to GA for a night with Emily and Josh, then to Mississippi to visit our beloved Chase, Steven, and baby Wake (just about 8 wks old at our visit). While the camera was never where it needed to be to catch the 'good stuff', there are a few nuggets.

Things I learned on our trip:
-We have amazing friends and family.
-Seeing anyone transition to parenthood is so special and being able to visit Steven and Chase (seriously, having a family with 2 young kids come stay at your house when your firstborn is 8 wks, WOW) was something we 4 are so grateful worked-out.  Little Wake is getting some awesome love.
-And last but not least: I get way more stressed-out with 2 noisy, curious, sweet but rambunctious boys when I'm overly aware of every single move they make. As in the case of not being at home. Whew.

On APril 6th Jacob turned 5! We'll do a devoted post on that sweet boy.

On April 7th my sisters(Emily on the left, Grayson on my right) and I ran the tough mudder. It was 11 miles and 25 obstacles. It was the muddiest location that they do...and it. was. epic.  'Ma' was our cheerleader and photographer; the spectators didn't really get to see the mud as it was all in the woods. We army crawled through mud and under barbed-wire, we ran through dangling electrically-charged wires, and we climbed over 8' tall walls.  And we bruised, we laughed, and we showered several times before the water ran clean.


Tough Mudders!

 I would absolutely do it again- gotta have a team, though. Gotta love my Chellax team.

That's just about catching us up on life!

Home sweet 3 weeks.

We NC Pugh family of 4 close on our first house on May 20th (because everything will just go as planned, right?!)

From the front:
 Hallway with doors to the 4 bedrooms + 1 bathroom + wall closets:
 Little boys doing their thing in the "office":
Boys being 'proper' (close as it gets) in the dining room:
(family room is room to the right while double doors behind Jacob lead to screened in porch)
 JDP and Mosty's rainy-day playland. Our garage/basement:
 Backyard plants getting roughhoused already:

We are SO thrilled about finding and miraculously getting this gem of a house. Is it move in ready, oh yes. Did it pass inspection with flying colors. Yes it did. phew.
Great neighborhood within 1 mile of both boys school(s as JDP's elementary school is even closer than their current preschool!).
But, lest you think we might be bored, there is this gem to share.
and this
(That apricot-ish color is not the lighting but the actual textured paint color.)
We are so excited to get going on making it our own home and thankful for all those who have helped us get to this point!!

Getting back

Learning how to post with the iPad. I realize it is unhealthy how long it is taking, but truthfully, there isn't enough time in a day.
We'll work to be more like the intentional bloggers of our past. Lots of exciting things on our front including buying a house (we close may 20th and will have a separate post about this), 3 job interviews in 3 weeks for me plus a recap of our recent past including a trip down south to visit family and friends so-close-to-family and LOTS of mud.