Friday, October 30, 2009

Following the Oregon Trail

Last weekend, Daniel, Jacob and I all got see Oregon and Washington for the first time as we visited Tavin and his parents Sarah and Chris. We had a really nice time visiting and have some nice pictures to share!
Jacob found these knee and elbow pads and insisted on wearing them for the entire morning.

One day, we went to an old school that is now a place space for big and small as seen by the dads playing away!

Tavin and Jacob having a good read.

Our visit to very windy Long Beach (coast of Washington right next to Oregon). All Jacob wanted to do was chase seagulls and play in the sand. All while running. He was the energizer bunny and screamed when we left (due to frustration and cold hands)!

A cold group photo

These two boys are hilarious and growing so fast!

Jacob has really embraced "no". He has started to tell everyone "no" when they approach him if he thinks they will take his toy/book/object of attention. Hopefully it stops soon!- This is him reallllly not wanting to share his water.

Wagon rides!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

As the remnants of the Pacific typhoon beat down on us, we stay inside and try to figure out fun things to do in lieu of the daily walks, bike rides, and park visits.
In case you were wondering, this is some of what a cooped up jacob does:

Yes, every last one of those books began on the bookshelf this morning.

Just an FYI: The scratch on his face between the eyebrows is a direct result of Jacob attempting to imitate his swedish girlfriend Jenny. At nearly 3 years old, she is capable of maintaining balance while jumping on benches in the courtyard. Jacob, 1 1/2 years younger and likely a foot plus some shorter, didn't do it so gracefully and fell face first. He was a trooper and was over it in about 5 minutes. But he looks pretty tough..and neanderthal-esk.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

18 months...or can I finally refer to age in years?

Jacob is officially 18 months and doing most typical toddler things quite well. He adores playing with and shadowing kids a bit older than him...but tends to be a bit of a bully when he's with younger munchkins. Below is Jacob and Jenny (his almost 3 y.o. Swedish friend) sitting our recycling bins out in the courtyard.

He laughs and smiles as much as ever but can better communicate what is tickling him just so and can usually signify what is bugging him when he's frustrated. -However, he certainly has his toddler irrational frustrations...those are fortunately short lived and distractable.
He enjoys mimicking and, as seen below, sometimes does it quite well....and sometimes cracks us all (including himself) up.

Unpromtped, Jacob has a slew of words and learns new ones constantly (today was "happy" and "glasses") but he really doesn't string them together. We're working on colors, number, and the alphabet... So far we have: "two" and "a-b-e" but he just smiles and mimics when we practice colors.

I suppose he's too distracted jumping off of playground equipment (part not intended as jumping points), climbing onto the dining room table and toilet tank, and picking all the green strawberries and tomotatoes from the community garden (sometimes eating them....)?

He's growing fast and constantly reminds us of his jokester personality and instinctual empathy.
And no, he doesn't consistantly sleep through the night. Maybe when every tooth is in, he has no germ, and has worn himself out? Sigh...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Random september pictures

Another of JDP with Tavin when we went to visit Tavin in Galt, CA.

Corn on the cob Jacob style...

Among the cutest of Jacob's activities- reading and loving books!

Zoo trip! Jacob the turtle...but he wouldn't look up.

Jacob trying to touch the lemur mural.
"Gulp Gulp went the Huge red frog one day.."

Jacob with his (old) new pal Curious George!
That's all for now...more when he's 18 months in a few days!

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