Sunday, February 14, 2010

caught in the act

Just a few silly shots of our jacob monster from this week
This one occured at 6:30 one morning. Despite his expression, I in no way woke him up rather vice versa. But the hair cracked me up enough to snap a shot.

I had walked into the kitchen to put away the rest of lunch and when I returned Jacob informed me "I cut the 'cado mama'. Yes, yes you do Jacob. (plastic knife for fake vegetables...or real and ripe avocados.)

And this is what happens when Jacob isn't ready for bed and beelines for our bed when we turn our backs to get his pj's, put away the towel, etc. He proceeded to jump on the bed and collapse into giggles when asked why he was jumping on our bed naked.

This was a game Jacob created while with Daddy:

We sure do love this hilarious little munchkin...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

'Round here

It's been one long kind of week...well, more like 10 days. Some of our fun moments: going to the Zoo (for the 19873473rd time), seeing the legendary SUNSHINE, and a monstrous Super Bowl party here with 25+ of friends thanks to Daniel and Eric.

(the closest we've gotten to the Lion at the zoo!)

With the fun came the moments of tremendous sadness as my grandmother's health rapidly deteriorated. After hanging tough at the hospital through the snowstorm in Raleigh, my grandma was transported from the hospital to a gorgeous hospice facility where she died several hours later with my mom lovingly by her side. My grandmother played many roles for my family, as happens when you live just a few miles from 4 of your grand kids! As our personal school lunch-maker, supplier of dress-up clothes, chauffeur to orthodontist appointments, sick-day companion, provider of nicknames, and other such unique and valued skills, we will certainly keep her in our hearts and memories forever. We are so grateful to have been loved by such a devoted and doting grandmother- and thrilled that Jacob got to hang-out with his great grandma (and vice versa)! The 3 of us head to Raleigh in a little over a week for her Memorial service.

We don't really have much in terms of photos and we'll work to remedy that soon! What we do have are Jacob as an unsatisfied artist (no idea what that face was about, but we were laughing!)

And Jacob in his Big boy Bed!! He's been sleeping like this for nights and naps since Sunday: the first night he did great until 5 am, last night he only woke once and then slept until 7:15 am (this is considered late. ugh.) Naps haven't been fun yet, but after the 45 minute task of getting him to stay IN the bed, he has slept for 2+ hrs each time (again, quite incredible). He absolutely loves taking us to his bed and talking about his big boy bed, his pillow, and how Curious George (his current BFF) was sleeping with him. We've got such a big boy!