Monday, May 17, 2010

Final Hurrah

Our Berkeley days are limited for this go around...we're headed out by next Tuesday headed to Phoenix. While we're excited about what this next year(plus) brings, it's sad to leave this beautiful community and location. In celebration of Berkeley and California, we're been visiting our hotspots and throwing some new ones into the mix- and Grayson has been here to be a fun part of the action! (For some reason I can upload pictures but only see text, so no captions for the pictures....just a random montage!) I believe this first photo is Jacob tucking in every single stuffed animal from his bed to the coach into their "new bed". It was a long and funny task to witness...

Friday, May 7, 2010

This one goes out to all the Moms

A happy Mother's day to all. Things are starting to wind-down here in Berkeley. With roughly two weeks till we move, every day seems like an adventure. And, despite the copious amounts of school work I have left, or the sermon I'm giving tomorrow morning, procrastination has gotten the best of me. What better way to satiate a need to procrastinate like blogging it up?

And now, for the photos:

Here's a photo series I like to call "watermelon head-shots".
Just like an actor would send in headshots showing off a wide range of emotions, I imagine this is what Jacob would look like if he were sending his pictures to an casting call for say, a watermelon advertisement (perhaps for unique method for eating watermelon?).

We played Kickball tonight with students and faculty and Jacob loved it. Only hours after getting his cast off (Thank the lord!) he was running and playing. He is still slow to get it moving, but as I am writing this he is brushing his teeth with his left hand. Let's face it, we need as many Lefties as we can get.

Following the kickball, we returned home to get Jacob in the tub for the most necessary, thorough scrubbing thus far as a two year old! What did he do? He immediately got in and starting "swimming like a fish"- it was great!

After Jacob got in bed, we got the call that Jacob's good friend Olivia was getting her baby sister really soon and needed to come sleepover. This morning at 6:45 we had two of the happiest munchkins ever reported: upon discovering the other was present and awake there was laughter, squealing, non-stop chatter, actual jumping up and down, you name it. Adorable.
So we made a day of it and went to the playground, played with play-doh, ate a lot, read a little, and rode a steam train.

These two are just the sweetest things... We got to meet Olivia's baby sister, to whom both Olivia and Jacob gave some gentle pats and sweet attention.
It's heart-warming that Jacob like babies and other people so much as he's getting a sibling around Christmas time. What a 'gift' we're all looking forward to<3!>
Happy Mother's Day!