Saturday, September 4, 2010

3-day weekend!

So, as previously promised, here's the Thomas belly at 24.5 weeks.

At a dr's appt on Thursday, I had gained more weight than I understand.... This happened around the same mark with Jacob's pregnancy ( actually, a few weeks earlier). So, I guess here marks the beginning of stay-puffed Ashley. Bummer, my sister gets married Oct 2 and I selfishly wanted to not have chipmunk cheeks for photos.

In other news, Jacob, Daniel, and I handled a half week of our new life just fine! Actually, Jacob went to full-days of preschool every day this past week- he actually napped 4 out of 5 days and didn't have a single accident! One day, he awoke crying after nap....but aside from that, he's handled this change-over like a little pro...we're so proud and relieved.

A sad but happy-for-them change in all our lives is that Olivia and her sweet family have all officially moved to Knoxville, TN for her dad to take a call as a Lutheran Pastor. Yay and so sad. We had them play, dance, eat, and be merry one last time for this phase in life and captured some footage.

They really are just too precious, a bit precocious, a ton brilliant, and a lot hilarious.

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Ashley said...

You look beautiful and Jacob remains the cutest kid ever. Hope to hear more about the new job soon!

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