Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are we ready for some football?

Football has officially begun. Though I swear it's been a top conversation fixture since July, Thursday marked the official beginning to the season. Jacob and Daniel were ready (who is shocked that Jacob managed to have a Cardinals jersey? Yeah....that's what happens when he spends the night at his Didi and Yaya's house!).
Moving on to different things: we can't be prouder of our munchkin's learning at preschool! He brings home great artwork daily that covers number, colors, letters, seasons, etc.- and much to our pleasure, he comes home singing new songs all the time. This past week, he has been emphatically singing 2 songs constantly: one about the days of the week (pronounced weeeeek), and another about numbers that counts to 20. Or if you have Jacob's sense of humor, twenty-teen.

While he is certainly a typical 2 1/2 year old learning his boundaries, testing his independence, and sampling the range of emotions, we are so pleased he is able to have such social and academic stimulation- and are still so at ease with the preschool route. Sure, there are some moments where Mommy isn't desired like before, Daniel and Jacob have special jokes that happen when I'm at work, or Jacob tests if mommy and daddy really will discipline him.

But, what better age to: work on right/wrong behavior, understand the importance of healthy and strong relationships with both individual parents, that mommy and daddy love him including setting and enforcing boundaries that he disagrees with.... Great timing in terms of Jacob's age and a great time in terms of what changes are a-coming with the addition of Thomas! Obviously, we're feeling quite content these days <3


Grandparents Chell said...

Oh my! Weeee think this is just wonderful! WEEEE've been checking the blog many times in the past few days hoping for an installment, but weee know you are all quite busy.

Weeeeeeeeee LOVE you all.
Way to go on the days of the weeeeek,Jacob!!

Anonymous said...

Meekrob - Let's do this Jeopardy style.........:

What are the days that Jacob is way cute, Alex?


Epic Clapple said...

I thought Daniel would just throw up some Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling". Except then Jacob would think Saturday happened twice in one week.

Miss you guys! Hope all is well! And I swear we're working on a time to come visit!

Andrew and Caroline Bost said...

So Cute!!! Love the song and love you all:)

Anonymous said...

he's just so cute. of the week.

Anonymous said...




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