Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday and post traumatic birthday

We'll leave it to you, the reader, to judge Jacob's level of enjoyment at his second birthday party:

And then 2 days later, the daredevil tried climbing up the kiddie slide at the park, fell off the side, and ended spending the afternoon with mom and dad at the ER icing his wrist and getting x-rays taken instead of napping. It really wasn't that traumatic and Jacob was a great sport- even laughing for some doctors and nurses- we only had to wait 30 minutes to be seen and everyone was so kind.

His left wrist isn't broken (according to x-rays), but the concern is that he fractured his growth plate- which isn't dense enough to show-up on an xray- so we're being referred to an Orthopedist at the Children's hospital for an appt sometimes this week. Hopefully, Jacob can then have his huge splint taken off and be fitted for something more appropriate for his injury and body size!

We'll keep you all posted on the arm as things develop...


Grandma Ruth said...

Poor sweetie pie! Glad to hear the whole scene wasn't as bad as it could have been. Hope the healing goes quickly.

The still pictures are adorable but don't quite capture the absolute delight of the games,the grillin', the pinata and the moving mass of happy children.

Ashley's cupcakes tasted as good as they look here....but her cakes were works of art, as well. Dory was a chocolate chip cookie cake and Nemo was an impressive 3-D masterpiece. None of the grilled food or sweets lasted long! Good job, mom and dad!

Grayson said...

I am thrilled and so happy to see and hear that Jacob loved that zoo card from mom and dad- it was adorable! Everything at that party looks spectacular, y'all did a great job. Ashley, those cakes are almost too good to eat (but i am so sure you got over that quickly, can't let a good thing go to waste). I wish i could have been there to help with eating and enjoying all of the goodies!

On a more serious note, I am sorry to see that little monster with such huge splint on his arm. I hope that all is well still and that he finds a better fit soon.

Love to all and miss you.

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