Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One Month!

I know it may seem like we're not blogging as fast as you'd like, but to be quite honest, everything is coming at us fast. Not only is Jacob already an older cousin, but he has started to outgrow the same clothes that once smothered him.

Little Jacob was born at 6lbs 130z, then lost weight in the first four days to 6lbs 4oz, and yesterday tipped the scale at 9 POUNDS 1.5 OUNCES. He's huge. I think I'm going to take him into an audition to play Bruce Banner as a child in the upcoming HULK movie. You wouldn't like Jacob when he's angry. Speaking of him being angry, yesterday at the doctor's office he got a Hep-B shot in the thigh. He looked at me with piercing eyes that seemed to say, "I thought we were friends, how could you do that to me?" He calmed down once we left the doctor's office and he felt the threat of danger was behind him.
Apparently, his anger towards me diffused by today. After given the go-ahead from the doctor, we tried to bottle feed young Jacob. We have heard the horror stories of babies who just cry and cry until they get back in their mother's arms. Jacob put up no such fight. As soon as I showed him the bottle, he opened his mouth, put his hands on either side of it, and started chugging as if being dared to. I was so proud. Seriously, though, it was exciting to be able to feed him. I never realized how left out I felt until I was included. So, now Ashley could (in theory) leave for more than two hours at a time. Our little boy is growing up so fast.
Ok, I'll stop babbling. Here's what you're here to see.
We took Jacob to his first Cardinals mini-camp. He had a good time.

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY FIRST MOTHER'S DAY ASHLEY!! It was cool to say this to Grandma Ruth and Great Grandma Barnes!!
Hope you got some rest! Looks like you do in this picture!! Everyday should be full of thanks, hugs and kisses, not just on Mother's Day, eh?

Love the pictures!

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