Thursday, September 6, 2012

Let's make a deal.

Alright faithful blog readers: Our camera went on a 2 week hiatus (we thought it had found its way into the trashcan with a Thomas assist- fortunately, it was hiding a Ma and Pa's house!)
The deal: catch-up on our August lives and pictures but very quickly.
Nature of Green Pond...
 My boys.
Green Pond fire pit time: awesome.
Flash forward: our backyard!! We absolutely love it.
  Jacob attended VBS (pandamania for another summer- he loved it -again). As a child, I'd get shy/anxious/cry-ish when it came time for 'recitals' and the like...apparently Jacob is similar. Though, he insisted it the crying was because he didn't want to wear the yellow shirt. He's the tiny blond head in the middle front.
 Playground exploring in Winston-Salem.
 DP ripping up grass to make space for a bit of gardening.
 After breaking up the soil and adding so much good dirt, Jacob and I planted seeds. (Thomas assisted but was just so fast!)
 Jacob is such a tender child; he delicately placed the lettuce seeds and patted them 'safe' in the soil bed.
 I'll update photos of our garden soon- we've got lettuce, green beans/peas, spinach, cucumber, and pumpkin plants looking great. Bring on more rain!

In the meantime; Jacob and Thomas have started school and LOVE it. Jacob is already spelling and writing the word r-e-d and making more friends than last year. There are only 5-6 pre-K students and the teacher is long-time teaching veteran; a perfect match for our sweet boy! Thomas cried under 3 minutes the first day and 0 minutes yesterday. Seriously, no tears.  We couldn't be happier with how this is all going!  Now, if I could just land a great job.

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AdelpheBre said...

SO glad you didn't lose the camera! We are East Coast people missing you too... We need to plan a road trip to NC!