Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jacob in Green Pond

Yay! Thanks to Grayson (and uncle Josh who has the camera and took many of these shots), we have more precious Green Pond joy to share with everyone!
 First, we'll do a close-up of Jacob's time this summer with the whole Chell group.
What kid doesn't like corn-hole? 
 Or being swung- which still makes his parents nervous. His left arm gets stronger everyday, butttt....
 And of course, that kid LOVES meat. Especially when he 'assisted' in the day long smoking process (meaning he tasted the apple juice being sprayed on the meat, chatted up the cook, and shredded the pork as seen below).
 Jacob is huge. And he now has a huge-boy bike that he is so great at riding. (And obviously Thomas wants to do the same thing- just listen hard and you may hear his precious and desperate "mine toooooo").
 He continues to be our strong,
kind and gentle,
clever and hilarious Jacob every single day. 

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