Friday, January 7, 2011

Bringing in 2011

With Grayson and Ma here to accompany us, we've taken a couple of trips to the Superstition mountains that surround us out here in Mesa, AZ. Jacob seems to love hiking and has been really careful about avoiding the cacti (phew); though this past time, he did seem to prefer rock climbing instead by bending down and using his hands to "climb" the pebbles along the way.

This Saguaro cactus was SO big, it didn't even fully fit into the frame! I heard somewhere that to even begin growing 'arms' the cactus has to be at least 75 years old...just imagine the age of this one.

And now, how about some Thomas pictures?
This little guy is nursing well, thus his skin wrinkles are becoming rolls- it's just too cute!

So far, he is sleeping much of the day (very opposite from his brother whom we had to lull to sleep even as a newborn). He has about 1.5-2 hours intervals of wakefulness; sometimes due to gas pains accompanied with crying, nursing, and burping; other times he is a calm and alert observer.

He's still rather young, but he appears to be more sensitive to his surroundings than his brother was. Thomas hates diaper changes and being naked but loves tummy time and snuggling- and even occassionally enjoys being swaddled....opposite Jacob much?

Jacob continues to be an angel with his brother, giving him kisses, hugs, pats, and generally doting on him whenever possible. He loves to discuss what Thomas is able to do or not do, explain what Thomas needs, or talk about how he is a big boy and Thomas is a baby. -And Thomas seems to quiet down and search for Jacob when he hears his voice/laugh/'s quite precious.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! And Thomas is getting fatter by the second, I love it! ha.

Grayson has been sharing all the extra pictures and videos from your vacation and Im so thankful for it!


Grayson said...

HOW did she post a comment before me...she's literally next to me. Oh well, second will suffice. I love you all so very much. Enjoyed every moment documented and not documented. Miss you all terribly. Stay healthy and enjoy time together.