Monday, August 16, 2010

Jacob the frog (and sometimes monkey).

(Pictures soon)

So, Jacob started school last Friday.
He loved it. He's in the monkey classroom early in the morning, then due to teacher sharing, they move to the frog room for lunch.
He loved it so much that he literally cried when he saw me in the afternoon and moaned "I want to play more, no mommy, I want to play!!" Which is a great and let's celebrate his independence...except when this same child has had his first accident in 2 weeks and he's standing in the preschool hallway with his wet briefs down around his ankles and his bare nether regions exposed to the rest of his class sitting quietly against the hallway wall. Yeah...
(Regarding the accident, we think we may have it figured out- he didnt' know to ask for help and they are regular sized toilets without stools or seat he "knows" to ask for help. Fingers crossed!)

Now to catch everyone up on these past few weeks:
First, I FINISHED my Masters. Everything. I successfully defended, edited, dealt with nutty professor and his one last attempt to mess me up, and then turned it in to the bookstore for binding. I'm done. Wahooooo!!!

The next day, we went and had our ultrasound where we saw that we're having a little BOY! We still aren't sure on a middle name, but we do know that his first name is Thomas (no, not after the toy engine but after my maternal grandfather). He's very healthy as am I and everything looked great (phew). Turns out, he's already head down and just likes to give me some kicks in my hip bone...but othewise he's happy to just hang-out in there!

The following day, we began moving into our apartment! We're still unpacking, decluttering, and putting pictures up on walls, but we are in love with this home. Jacob has a twin bed, his own little dresser and book shelf (thanks for the loans Phoenix Pugh family!), and loads of space for toys, crafts, and his easel. We got the guest room set-up this past weekend, including reassembling the crib Jacob has graciously given to Thomas- and now Jacob likes to inform us that it in fact belongs to Thomas now.

To close this post, I'll leave you all with some new Jacob-isms that had us laughing pretty hard.

While sitting at the table for lunch:
Jacob: There's a monster in my tummy.
Me: Oh, really? What kind of monster?
Jacob: It say "grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr".
Me: Does it stop when you eat?
Jacob: Yeah, it's okay now.

While pointing out Mickey Mouse and friends on a picture:
Jacob: There's Mickey Mouse! And...Mickey's doggy!
Me: That's right, there's Pluto.
Jacob: No, his name is 'blue dog'.

While watching football with Daddy:
Daniel: Did you see him throw the ball, Jacob?
Jacob: Yeah, I see it! That's my boy!


Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of good stuff happening. We're so happy for all of you, especially for Jacob the pre-school student and older brother-to-be!!

And yep, we're holding you to your promise of pictures....lots of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hey - mine. I'M anonymous. goway.

so is little Meekrob ready for THOS>?

kirsten sauey said...

I just read your blog outloud to Tom and we were both laughing and are missing you guys. Hope all is well in Phoenix! Longmont is great. We are finally settling in. Much love.

Ashley said...

Dana: how sad is that it took me this long to understand that Thos is actually Thomas, abbreviated like in the wooden plaquard I saw on the message you sent to me tonight. Duh.