Monday, June 7, 2010

Discovering indoor delights

Munchkin has some OCD tendencies....while outdoors, it isn't such a distraction. Who can control nature?! However, when indoors and focused on details, Jacob has a hard time seeing the big picture. He has fallen in love with dominoes since we arrived in Phoenix- he played with them for over an hour while the "adults" played half an actual game! But, sometimes he just gets caught up in the detail of domino placement....take look:

He is also mister athletic, as mentioned in nearly every other post ever. Here, he is smashing a bouncy ball with his masterful kicks (aka "playing kickball with daddy")- and fortunately nothing has been broken yet!


Brandi said...

I love it! UM UM UMMM! very cute! Boom shakalaka!

Grayson said...

I am so very glad that being entertained has proven to NOT be an issue for your child.

At all.

Thanks for sharing!We sure do miss you. Can't wait to entertain him on this end. Love you all!


KD said...

I love that his automatic response to "boom!" is "shakalaka!!"

I miss you all! As much as I love Jacoby...can we get some Ashley and baby shots along with it, too? Don't worry, Jacob will always be my main man; I just want to get to know - as Michael puts it - the next Pughlette.

Love love love,m

Anonymous said...

Amazingly cute. For all the HIMYM fans:

I LITERALLY want to lose my mind when I see this stuff. LITERALLY.

But it's true.


Epic Clapplesauce said...

His boom-shakalaka is getting so good! He's also got a pretty strong left. Send him to Cardinals training camp!