Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tavin and Jacob reunion, part 1.

Warning: cute pale baby butts involved in post.

Solely for entertaining value:
Jacob attempting to yank off his diaper ( it was still clean everyone, don't worry!)

He got distracted with his diaper literally halfway off. The bath was to follow, so no harm. Though I am concerned about what is to come...perhaps before the total diaper throwing he'll be potty trained? (He already loves to sit on his potty, though he hasn't quite got the timing down- and no, we're not really seriously potty trainging him this minute. But we are introducing concepts and he's picking things up quite well!)

Devoted blogees (that a word?) may recall Tavin from all of last year- he was Jacob's neighbor and buddy. Tavin and parents are in town for a bit and the boys got to play again- this time they were much more locomotive and adept with moving quickly. And still quite entertaining together!


Ruth and Jeff said...

Yo Tavin! Good to see you again. Say hello to your parents.

You babes look so grown up!
And what cute butts!

Thanks, Ashley. Keep the pix coming.
Daniel, hope you're having a great time in Phoenix. Go Cardinals!

Anonymous said...

cute little white baby butts.
see, I'm so old it's not even creepy for me to say. Or, creepy but true.
Hey, it's the internet.

Ashley said...

Naw, Dana, it's not creepy. And no matter what age, you've always sorta been a warm hearted the creeper factor never existed.
Now, I have to just ignore the existence other's creep factor because i will not stop posting adorable and hilarious antics (as appropriate).
Miss you and you aren't old. Shoot, we're all catching up....

Grayson said...

Wait a tick...I may have to disagree here. Dana- don't listen to her, she's lying. You ARE to in fact elderly. AND it IS creepy for you to comment on cute white baby butts.

okay. glad we cleared that up. thanks!

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