Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home Diddily Dum Doodily

We're safely back in Berkeley and we're loving it! We adopted some bookshelves, a desk, and some glasses/mugs from graduating seminarians last May, and we finally get to see them and make them ours (or at least ours for now..we'll see where they go in 3 years). While this summer was truly a gift to see as much family as we did, being back in our home, returning to our community, and getting back into a schedule has been terrific. Like with every other single time we've moved or traveled, Jacob is back to his insomniac ways... He isn't completely weaned yet, so we're working on that and hoping it positively affects his sleep (eventually). Who knows?

Per the norm, we have a few pictures of Phoenix to share that we didn't manage to post before leaving! Another appearance is made by cousin Parker as we got to briefly hang out in Phoenix! We'll have more pictures of Jacob in berkeley soon...
Jacob likes to refer to any child as "baby". So Parker became his best friend "baby" ther weekend they were together. It was sad when Parker left and Jacob went around saying "baby" looking for him!
These shots show jacobn wearing his G.G.'s necklace. The boy loves wearing ties, necklaces, daddy's shirts...anything on his head or neck.
Much love!

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