Sunday, August 17, 2008

Settling in

In the past few days, we've added some "new" things that we think are worth sharing via photo. (Mainly due to Jacob, duh.)

First, we got Jacob a jump-up yesterday and he is unstoppable!

Thanks to great grandma Barnes, little boy also got his first crib- and he loves it. And he's sleeping a bit better each night he's in it (thank goodness).
(<--this is jacob's "thug" look)

And finally, today we received a couch (thanks to a fellow seminarian's interest in craig's list!). Jacob likes lounging already and I'm sure we will love it, too.
When our apartment is more livable and looks like a home, we'll post pictures for everyone!


Lois said...

He is just TOO CUTE...chunky legs and all!! Ahhh...memories of our own.....I will be sure to share his adventures in the crib with Great Grandma Barnes!!
I REALLY am working on the birth sampler...hopefully by Christmas and if not, when he becomes a teenager :) ENJOY CALIFORNIA and all that it has to offer...(I'm jealous, actually!!)Love to all

Sarah Holley said...

Hey guys! I've so enjoyed all of the pictures. I can't get over how much Jacob is growing and how much he is starting to look like Ashley and Mr. Chell. I thought he looked so much like Daniel when he was born. I hope one day I can meet him in person. All our love to you guys!

Grayson said...

that kid is so cute. i love the sofa in relation to him, he's so small. i hope all is well. love you three!

Caroline Bost said...

he is something else sooo cute! went to eat lunch sunday with chase and stevo that was fun and it was good to talk to you last wednesday LOVE YOU GUYS

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