Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Here in Winston-Salem, we had a fun Halloween with loads of smiles, treats, and wheezing. We visited 10 houses plus a bonus house (to Jacob, this makes it sound like a much bigger deal than saying we went to 11 houses). 
 Happy astronaut and strapping firefighter. And these are the best photos from the night as I fumbled with a flash issue...
 Figuring out which treat to taste first!
  True happiness. 
As a kid, I know I felt the same a parent, I wish candy didn't matter so much.
 But, to his defense, Jacob ate 1 piece of candy after touching, sorting, and counting his pumpkin basket of loot. Thomas, though carried from house to house, was adamant about walking up to a door and then copying exactly what Jacob did. If Jacob picked 2 candies, Thomas picked 2; if Jacob looked at a bug on the ground, Thomas looked (for) at the bug on the ground.  
Thomas then attempted to eat his candies on the ride home with the paper on it. It seems that Mos has a strong sweet tooth paired with little willingness to be redirected to other foods, activities, etc. Seems that we found a place where Thomas is just pretty downright normal!


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