Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gallagher time!

We have been so fortunate to have the Gallagher family in our lives. Daniel has known Pat and Vicki for decades now (that's sorta nuts) and Daniel even lived his senior yr of high school with they and their kiddos (now young adults), Molly and Danny. They were amazing. Can you imagine having a teenage boy with a girlfriend come live with your family (young, impressionable kids included in the mix) for a year? As tame as teenage Daniel was, that is still a favor full of generous patience, respect, and love.
Obviously, the Gallagher crew is an important family to our family. Last weekend, we were so thrilled to join them at Lake Gaston.  Honestly, the weather was heavenly. The location was incredible. And the company was just right (though we hope to see more of Molly- busy senior girl that she is).
 Jacob did indeed try to drop the motor after this picture (lesson learned: never let a mario-race loving 4.5 yr old "drive"anything with a motor).
 Thomas snuggling with Ms Vicki- in between yelling "hi Danny" as Danny tagged along on a Jet ski nearby.
Big boy.
 Jacob rather surprised us with his intense interest in water play; we may be over the hump of fear about water near his ears/in his face. Yay Jacob!
 What a beautiful view.
 They totally were not in trouble. They just needed space.
No offense vegetarian friends, but clearly bacon makes the best pillow for the car (yes the pillow is bacon-shaped and declares "I'm bacon" when pressed up top.
Jacob got to ride a jet ski; they topped-out at 34 mph. Scary (and  awesome).
Quality is awful, but Thomas got a spin with Daddy, too. They hit 17mph and Thomas showed absolutely NO expression. But we've heard nothing but "booooaaaattt" all week long.

Totally unrelated: Angry bird graham crackers and hot chocolate for dessert make little boys very happy.


Grandparents Chell said...

Beautiful spot! Awesome fun! Adorable kids!

Anonymous said...

toe mose uh