Friday, November 11, 2011

"Gimme 3 steps"

On Wednesday, Thomas decided to go for it: he walked for 3 1/2 steps (the 1/2 was a slow crumble to the floor)! He did so in front of a large crowd as we were eating a community lunch at Daniel's seminary, so there was a lot of excitement for this determined sweet boy.
That evening, we were encouraging more steps with the camera rolling and Thomas was happy to show-off; he was a little giddy and impulsive, but proud nonetheless.

After all that work and sweat, Thomas was sporting some serious curls.

In other news, Jacob got his bazooka-arm (the original blue cast with the tape to hold it together plus another layer of black fiberglass on top) removed on Thursday;
he is now looking svelte in a Cardinals red cast.

The x-rays showed that his bones continue to be as they should and good healing; we return next week for more x-rays. After that, it's possible he'll get the cast-off in 2-3 more weeks.

Cue giant sigh of relief.


rscripture said...

First step! Woo too, go Thomas! It seems that once he gets the hang of things, he won't be able to stop moving.

After all that stress and worry, there comes the good!

Lots of love.

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Anonymous said...

dear blog,

today, i watched thomas again.

just look at his faces!@!!!!

aka MANY FACES (b/c he has many faces)

he knows he's funny.


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Anonymous said...

let go of him.

(and yes i gave him coffee)

Anonymous said...

hey - give thomas coffee.

Anonymous said...

at least on my internetz, the screenshot of thomas in the second video (before playing it) couldn't possibly be any better.

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Anonymous said...

first video -

0:04 seconds

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