Saturday, July 10, 2010

GP pictures galore!

This is the face of one truly loved and happy boy.

Green Pond was absolutely fantastic this year-weather was sunny (and the heat wave without a/c added some extra sweat and ice cream indulgences), water was gorgeous, family was ready for fun, and Jacob (and the rest of us) enjoyed every single thing about the outdoor splendor of the place! We discovered that he loves fireworks and sparklers ("Did you see that daddy? That was a big one!"over and over again), sitting in fire trucks, and eating every drop of an ice cream cone all by himself.

That place had non-stop outdoor adventures and constant family members ready to embark on some fun quest with the munchkin.
Now that we're back in Phoenix....hottest place ever...any suggestions for activity and (cheap) fun?


Grandparents Chell said...

We loved seeing you all and miss you mightily. Glad the weather cooperated for Jacob to get the most mileage out of all the possible adventures.

Hope life continues happily until we meet again at Emily and Josh's wedding in October! That will certainly provide cause for further celebration!!

Love to all. Many juicy kisses to Jacob and hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

Yes: suggestions for activity now that you're back: kiss on that cute boy. NO - YOU'RE CUTE. YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU.

And i laugh and laugh cause i hear in my head all day (it's funny - really):
GOWAY. but it's really fast-like, like one word......

Ashley said...

dana, just know that we ask him who's ear it is and he replies giggling: "not dana's." Happy birthday and we miss you<3