Monday, March 8, 2010

Easel fun

We love Ikea, especially on rainy days here in Berkeley- it's like a fun playground for parents and kids. And, as we've previously mentioned, there have been plenty of rainy days in 2010 so far. About a week or so ago, we visited the local Ikea for a desk organizer but instead found a great deal on Jacob's birthday present from daniel and myself! Though he still has 4 weeks to go until turning 2, we figured it'd be fun for all of us to break in the Easel now.

Though he's a bit shrimpy now for the big board, he'll be using it for years to come. He already knows that to reach those top spots he just needs to get his stool. Daniel and I have really loved drawing with him....and sometimes drawing even after he's walked away.

You think he likes it? We do!


Grandma Chell said...

Jacob, you lucky boy! An easel was one of my all-time favorite presents when I was 4, so you really have the jump on me. Jicasso artprints are coming right up!

Anonymous said...

more. more. do it.

crap is he cute and happy or what?

good job jeeeecob!

emily said...

cutie pie! Can't wait to get more Jacob artwork to put on our fridge!! Love you all!